Daniel Gillies @ TVDChicago recap

TVDChicago recap (via @tvdnews on twitter)
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Gillies said he’d ship Elijah with Alaric. Sorry but our section just up and died. #TVDChicago #Gillies

Fave movie quote: “the pain is like the shame darling, you only feel it once.” ~Dangerous Liasons. #tvdchicago

If he could have a superpower he would be Joseph Morgan. #TVDChicago #Gillies

(josephmorgan tweeted this)If I had a super power It’d be to be @danieljgillies #TVDChicago right back atcha brother ;)

Gillies just name-checked Geek Love, one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE books. READ IT. (V) #TVDChicago #Gillies

Thinks Michelle Williams is a bad ass. #TVDChicago #Gillies

. @danieljgillies talks to the @paulwesley poster when he talks about @paulwesley. #TVDChicago

Daniel actually waited on Paul when he was a waiter and Paul left him a great tip. #TVDChicago #Gillies

Jokes that the Elijah fro or cornrows are his best hairstyles. #tvdchicago

Favorite Elijah hair: He’s fondly ridiculing his 1492 flashback hair. #TVDChicago #Gillies

#Gillies keeps apologizing for being boring. He is, in fact, the EXACT OPPOSITE of boring. #tvdchicago

Calls out Paul Wesley for taking the longest to get primped before a scene. But says the hair IS marvelous. #TVDChicago #Gillies

If u could be a kid again what would you do? Apologize. I was very Naughty. #TVDChicago

Gillies is extremely self-deprecating. It’s so charming. #TVDChicago #Gillies

Who would win in a fight: Klaus or Elijah. “They’re both kind of bad ass.” But Joseph could definitely kick Daniel’s ass. #TVDChicago

Elijah has a very specific accent and Daniel worked hard on it. #TVDChicago #Gillies

If Vampire Diaries could do a crossover with another show, what would it be? Threes Company

"I’d like to see [Elijah] go to the Bahamas and start a casino." Daniel jokingly dodging a future of Elijah in S3 question. #TVDChicago

Favorite thing to do off set is to hang with his wife. #TVDChicago

Saving Hope plug! “Man, are medical people heroes. Actors are not.” #TVDChicago #Gillies

He loves the energy between Elijah and Klaus. #tvdcon #gillies

"The marvelous mischief of Joseph Morgan" - GREAT comment on Joseph. #TVDChicago #Gillies

Elijah does what needs to be done. He takes care of business. #TVDChicago #Gillies

I don’t wanna name names, but this corner of the ballroom has the vapors. Just a bit. #TVDChicago #Gillies

And Daniel Gillies takes the stage! #TVDChicago #Gillies

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